Update July 6, 2021

  1. Added pathfinding visualization to help players with issues related to pathfinding. You can activate it by using a new button located next to the ’God Hand’ button. There are 3 colour-coded areas:
  2. Green - outside.
  3. Blue - inside available for everyone.
  4. Yellow - inside available only for worker.
  5. Fixed anti-aliasing.
  6. Fixed workers continue to try performing an action even if there is no path available.
  7. NPCs don’t walk into walls anymore.
  8. Fixed the issue regarding more than one person using the bathtub. (Also confirmed!).
  9. NPCs now respond properly to deleting bathtubs while they are going to use it.
  10. Adventurers won’t be taking baths anymore.
  11. NPCs now are properly removed from the user tab after taking a bath.
  12. Fixed issues related to the game assigning wrong user to baths.
  13. NPCs won’t stay at the counter for no apparent reason no more. Now only NPCs waiting for their baths will stay at the counter to wait for their service to be prepared.
  14. Fixed bath actions not working properly after reloading the game.
  15. Fixed an issue regarding removing particular wooden planks.
  16. Decluttered the screen by only showing icons for selected levels instead of all.
  17. Updated physics check for object placement on the map.
  18. Fixed Chinese translation.
  19. Added option to choose a prefered counter to be used by guests depending on set priority.
  20. Fixed animation whilst performing going to bed action.
  21. Fixed animation whilst performing taking a bath action.
  22. Fixed crashes caused by Vedetas actions.
  23. Icons responding for city influence level where lighting before the level was achieved. This is also fixed now.
  24. Fixed posh benches not fitting posh tables.
  25. Tweaked finance system.
  26. Removed unused shortcuts from Tips’n’Tricks.
  27. Fixed issues regarding putting down and deleting tiles.
  28. Translated "Allow All Objects in All Rooms" to all supported languages.
  29. Fixed paying back debt system.
  30. Fixed issues related to different tasks.
  31. Shortened error messages so they fit the UI properly.
  32. Added missing pop-ups with descriptions for objects.
  33. Added missing counter name.
  34. Limited the amount of wood that can be stored in a wood holder.
  35. Fighting rings now earn money properly.
  36. Fixed multiple bugs related to UI.
  37. Watched resources are now sorted alphabetically. (along the bottom of the screen).
  38. Fixed crashes occurring when buying pets in pause mode and inspecting them.
  39. Changed the direction of the green arrow showing the alignment of benches and stools.
  40. Fixed issue regarding multiple staff performing a single task.
  41. Fixed income animation for renting a bed not showing up.
  42. Fixed waitress’s headdress clipping.
  43. Corrected mouse accuracy when building on higher floors.
  44. Fixed issues regarding sending employees to obtain a piece of furniture while they’re asleep.
  45. Fixed bard’s music speeding up when setting time to ’Fast’.
  46. Fixed already known recipes showing as available for purchase. (It’s true! Duplicates are removed overnight! Furniture, too).
  47. Updated employee levelling and their salary raise.
  48. Fixed the rotating cats bug.
  49. Fixed lag when switching to Build mode.
  50. Fixed lag when deleting certain objects.
  51. Fixed different crashes triggered by animations.
  52. Fixed issues with translations for several asset names and UI elements.
  53. Fixed map clipping issues.
  54. Fixed Crude Candelabra not working properly.
  55. Fixed Horse Armor.
  56. Fixed Paint.
  57. Fixed Carpet.
  58. Fixed Classical Rug. (I am so in love with how it looks now!).
  59. Fixed Pillar.
  60. Fixed Billboard, so horses don’t get blocked anymore.
  61. Fixed Bushes.
  62. Fixed Peeping Thom location not showing or/and having the ability to interact with.
  63. Doors and windows now give money when deleted.
  64. Fixed room index.