Update March 22, 2022

Game Balance

  1. Vassals can no longer join factions if they have a Truce with their liege.


  1. Fixed missing text and tooltips for Cultural Traditions and Cultural Aesthetics in Spanish.
  2. Fixed county title macros in Korean.
  3. Fixed missing translations for the south asian event pool.
  4. Fixed inspired person text not being translated in Korean.

User Modding

  1. Fixed a crash in the map editor.
  2. Tree mask assets should now be visible again in the map editor.


  1. Fix law tooltips in tooltips not showing up correctly.
  2. Fixed an issue that caused the Coat of Arms designer to repeat the same patterns if players were scrolling up and down the list.
  3. Fixed an issue that caused the game to sometimes incorrectly display your custom Coat of Arms for other dynasties.
  4. Fixed a rare crash that occurred when the AI was forming a new hybrid culture.
  5. Fix text offset for icons in law tooltip.
  6. Fixed Aslaug, daughter of Ivar the Boneless, being married instead of betrothed at age 1.
  7. Fixed CTD happening on loading a save after rejecting a culture conversion request.
  8. Holy Orders can no longer raise themselves in wars without a hostile faith participant, even if they are somehow allied in the war.
  9. Renaming event description now targets other characters properly.
  10. Fixed Ivars sons being older than himself in the bookmark screen.
  11. Fixed missing key for culture conversion interaction.
  12. Added correct naming of new eye socket types in the Customize Appearance menu.
  13. Fixed the Train Commanders task not consistently improving Knights/Commanders and also not boosting the strength of new Men-at-Arms types.
  14. Map pin portrait no longer freezes animation of all the other portraits of the same character.
  15. Relaxed Turkish Eagle achievement culture criteria to not require branching directly from Turkish or Greek anymore. It is enough if these two cultures exist somewhere in the parentage of your new culture.
  16. Trade ports should now be clearer on why they cannot be built when you lack the right cultural tradition or innovation.
  17. Turkish Eagle achievement should now fire again for new saves.
  18. Adjusted triggers and localisation for ’Establish the Theravada Faith’ decision and event chain.
  19. Fixed some unnatural looking shadows in certain court room setups.