Update December 9, 2020


  1. Ping notifications will fade when aiming near them and be fully transparent when aiming directly at them.
  2. Lowered volume of background scenery when Ancient is selected.
  3. Lowered volume of female death sounds.
  4. Resampled older sounds for HRTF.



  1. Fixed clipbrushes for Retakes.


  1. Reduced soundscape volume.
  2. Tweaked ambient light levels in some locations.
  3. Added additional lights to dark corners.
  4. Removed metal pillars by backdoor entrance to B site.
  5. Scaffolding by B site can now be shot through.
  6. Blocked visibility between boxes on A site.
  7. Tweaked blending for better player reads in some locations.
  8. Redid visual language of ledges around mid, more obvious what is/isnt pathable.
  9. Marked additional props for low end CPU/GPU culling.
  10. Mossy walls no longer surface type ’grass’.
  11. Fixed invisible pottery.
  12. Removed some visual clutter around backdoor to B.
  13. General optimizations.
  14. Feneral clipping fixes.
  15. Added de_ancient_zoo VMF to SDK for community map makers.



  1. Improved performance.
  2. Improved loot spawns.
  3. Changed certain doors to improve gameplay flow.
  4. Fixed reported cases of physics objects falling through displacements.
  5. Fixed rare cases of weapon drops getting stuck in the border clipping.


  1. Reworked the bar building for improved gameplay.


  1. Fixed rare cases of drone deliveries falling through the ground.


  1. Clipped fence around the electrical building to allow for easier jumps onto roof.

Ski Slopes

  1. Made it easier to grab onto the ladders on the ski lift posts.


  1. Fixed floating counter on security gate.


  1. Reworked the village buildings for improved gameplay.


  1. Fixed various stuck spots.
  2. Fixed various spots where loot would get stuck.
  3. Avalanche sound is now quieter and plays only after the first wave.