Update March 14, 2022



  1. Lowered window through site.
  2. Blocked one of the windows at top of mid.
  3. Raised planks on dropdown route.
  4. Fixed various bomb stuck spots and pixel boosts.
  5. New sun angle.


  1. Reduced window height on Heaven B-site.
  2. The glass window in the office is smaller.
  3. Moved chairs that obstructed player movement in Ice Cream (Thanks fl0m).
  4. Removed the Jerry Can on B-site that gave CTs an unfair advantage (Thanks HOFFI).
  5. Slight FPS increase across the map.
  6. Removed some clutter around the map.
  7. Increased readability on various spots around the map.
  8. Fixed floating props, clipping and nodraw textures (Thanks Joaokaka1998).
  9. Visual improvement to CT spawn.
  10. New radar image.
  11. Added callout place names.


  1. Further improvements to optimization.
  2. Added new geysers at Apartments and Lava Pit.
  3. Added new entrance to Lighthouse.
  4. Added ladder at Research.
  5. Spaced out the Church pews.
  6. Added ladder to Apartments and altered the surrounding area.
  7. Allowed access to Apartments balconies.
  8. Fixed see through walls on top of Apartments.
  9. Fixed small section of terrain causing damage at Lava Pit.
  10. Fixed many stuck spots and minor bugs (thanks chocolates & fearless).