Update March 28, 2022



  1. Removed old clips on stairs at Rock Pool B.
  2. Replaced stairs at Rock Pool B with new metal stairs.
  3. Fixed loads of minor bugs (thanks Joaokaka1998).
  4. Geyser west of ruins now pushes the player upwards with less force.
  5. Added more spawn drops around Lighthouse area.
  6. The extraction fans on Apartments can now be stood on.
  7. Fixed visual bug in tunnels below Hospital.
  8. Fixed non solid door at Hospital.


  1. Added new map location names (Barn, Broken Bridge, Castle, Chapel, Farm, Field, Fort, Mill, Ruins, Sewers, Temple, Villa, Vineyard, Winery).
  2. Added collision to balconies in Fort.
  3. Adjusted stair clipping.
  4. Added drone clips around Docks.
  5. Fixed stuck spots.
  6. Fixed miscellaneous bugs.
  7. Special thanks to nx, fearless, iNilo, lacyyy, Sandwich, Joaokaka1998 and Diddle.