Update June 17, 2021


  1. Fixed a bug when counterattacking with camden’s flux.
  2. Further efforts taken to improve the load staggering that is causing crashes and performance issues.
  3. Lowered the range that movement speed can be changed, as it was leading to desynced ’ghost’ units and lots of issues and crashes when lowered. Will consider opening the range back up when we have a better read on the situation - but this should fix a pretty huge number of bugs/crashes you’re facing for now.
  4. Range of Irving’s personal skill now working as intended (skill leaves units at 99 xp, is not intended to force levelups).
  5. Enemy range indicator should now properly fade when an enemy unit is killed.
  6. Enemy range indicators should now always properly change when enemies move.
  7. Fixed an issue where mouse location would override controller selection in base and pause menus.
  8. Controllers now able to scroll through expanded enemy unit info in gameplay.
  9. Bond marks should now only show up if the available unit is actually in the party.
  10. Fixed an issue with multi-hit spells showing the wrong values.
  11. Fixed an issue where 100% hit and crit chances had a tiny chance to miss.
  12. Fixed a potential crash in the end of chapter 16.
  13. Potentially fixed issue with priests occasionally dislodging from game grid.
  14. ’Relentless’ will now display the correct end health value.
  15. Various typo fixes.


  1. Added additional tutorialization in lieu of the ’tips’ menu.
  2. Speed of D-pad on map movements increased (considering a slider for this down the line).
  3. Made it so tabbing out no longer pauses the game.
  4. Added ’enter’ as a way to advance through promotion screen.
  5. Added loading text to loading screens.
  6. Added version number to main menu.
  7. Updated volume balancing of Faust voice lines.