Update June 18, 2021


  1. Extensive efforts taken to address ghost unit and duplicate movement glitches/crashes. Further testing necessary to determine efficacy of these changes.
  2. Reverted and adjusted change to strider damage prediction.
  3. Continued optimization to stem crashes on lower-end systems - more work to be done here.
  4. Fixed an issue where ’push’ instances could lead to crashes in edge cases.
  5. Fixed an issue in chapters 26 and 27 with units dropping ’empty’ items.
  6. Fixed an issue with Brooke’s antiquated personal skill still applying.
  7. Addressed the issue with menuing going below the screen and becoming unclickable.
  8. Benji removed from chapter 6 statistics.


  1. Base stats now viewable when promoting new units.
  2. Current stats now viewable when promoting regularly.