Update June 20, 2021


  1. When saving in pre-battle situations, the game will now save character locations and selection status.
  2. Added selection sound to map units and scrolling sound when using controller.


  1. Continued optimizations to reduce instances of phantom units and out-of-sync positioning.
  2. Changed Thae’Lanel’s skill description to better fit how the skill works.
  3. Changed the tooltip of ’Dragon Soul’ to be better reflective of what it does.
  4. Fixed an issue with ’Maestro’ not applying its effect.
  5. Fixed an issue with ’Mirror Images’ not applying its effect.
  6. Fixed an issue with ’Deadeye providing a reduced effect’.
  7. Fixed an issue with mouse/gamepad occasionally overlapping input on the battle preparation screen.
  8. Fixed an issue that resulted in a pre-battle crash in edge cases.
  9. Various typo fixes.
  10. Fixed an issue where Reveries and Astral Seekers equipped the wrong weapon type.
  11. Fixed an issue where chapter 8 ended before mission fully completed.
  12. The credits now go back to the main menu when finishing rather than displaying a ’game over’ screen.