Update July 14, 2021


  1. Addressed an error with older battlesave objectives persisting into new chapters. This will require a chapter restart for those currently with an affected battlesave.
  2. Fixed an issue where the dragoon skill would max out for turn 1 when standing still.
  3. Fixed an issue with class bases not applying properly during random class aptitude runs.
  4. Steps taken to address chapter 22 cursor crashes - may not resolve issue on all machines.
  5. Fixed an issue with certain physical attacks displaying 0’s for damage.
  6. Expanded unit view details sections can be accessed on controller during battle prep and base.
  7. Fixed an issue with archer sophia displaying the wrong flinch frame.
  8. Fixed an issue with Ford’s raider crit displaying an incorrect palette.
  9. Fixed an issue with barbarian skills.
  10. Fixed an issue with defender skills.