Last Update

  1. Fixed Ultra-wide resolutions to display properly.
  2. Added an option to enable/disable motion blur.
  3. Characters will no longer get put underground after performing certain executions.
  4. Cinematic subtitles in non-English languages have had their timing improved.
  5. Fixed an issue that caused Belial to sometimes become invisible.
  6. Fixed an issue that caused Belial to sometimes get stuck with his shield on.
  7. Fixed an issue that would cause the mouse to get stuck when alt-tabbing out of the game while the map was open.
  8. Fixed various cases where the camera could get stuck inside the character.
  9. Fixed issues that could cause Strife to get stuck in an odd state and unable to interact with anything.
  10. Reduced the amount of damage the Hound Master does to his own hounds.
  11. Beating levels on Mayhem difficulty now correctly complete quests tied to Hard difficulty.
  12. Shadow Clones now work correctly in Online co-op.
  13. Fixed various crashes across the game.
  14. Fixed various items on the map not being tracked properly.
  15. Fixed health core and wrath core progress not being tracked correctly in quests.
  16. Added option to disable Motion Blur in Graphics menu.
  17. Localization fixes.