Update 1.2.2


  1. Added Legacy Prestige Outfits in Customization View (currently locked until they are available).


  1. Adjusted the Bloodweb generation to allow multiple perks on a single Bloodweb (the entity will always eat the remaining perk after the player selects one).
  2. Reduced the amount of nodes per Bloodweb for faster leveling up of characters.
  3. Various other adjustments on Bloodweb generation (changing odds of appearance and content distribution).

Update 1.2.2a


  1. Fixed an issue causing Legacy Prestige outfits to not be displayed in character customization.
  2. Fixed an issue causing the CGVA Mask to be available in the character customization.

Update 1.2.2b


  1. Adjusted the starting round of the entity on the bloodweb to round 5 for levels 25+ (up from 4).
  2. Fixed decisive strike having no effect.