Update 1.4.1


  1. Content - Added a new map for Autohaven Wreckers (Gas Heaven).


  1. Adjusted the bloodweb generation`s perk selection to equalize the change of obtaining perks of all rarities.


  1. Fixed an issue causing APEX enabled clothing to remain fully visible during sacrifice (instead of becoming transparent).
  2. Fixed an issue causing the "Decisive Strike" perk to not trigger if a killer would drop a survivor just before the 25% mark and pick him back up.
  3. Fixed an issue causing the moon to render on top of level geometry in the Asylum.

Update 1.4.1a


  1. Re-adjusted the audio occlusion levels.
  2. Fixed a potential crash when a player would exit the game process inside a lobby.
  3. Fixed a potential crash when a survivor selected as the killer`s obsession would leave before to the intro sequence.
  4. Fixed an issue causing a killer to receive objective points when damaging a generator while a survivor is repairing it.
  5. Fixed an issue causing the sound of generator pistons to stop or restart when moving the camera.

Update 1.4.1b


  1. Fixed an issue that could cause an infinite loading screen while transitioning to a game.