Update 1.0.2


  1. Adjusted cooldown of "Sprint Burst".
  2. "We’ll Make It" now only affects healing others, and its maximum bonus has been reduced.
  3. Various balance changes to healing build perks, survivalist build perks and healing items.
  4. Adjusted spawn location weights for chests and generators.
  5. Adjusted various score values.
  6. Crows will now notify killers of survivors who bore the Entity by being too still for too long.
  7. The Wraith now has better things to do than cloak and uncloak repeatedly for points.
  8. Adjusted window vaulting mechanics for killers and survivors.


  1. "Spies from the Shadows" will no longer be triggered when the killer disturbs the crows.
  2. Added a 5 second delay before joining a new game after leaving lobby.
  3. Killers are now awarded sacrifice points if a survivor leaves the game.
  4. Killers are now awarded bonus points if a survivor disconnects.
  5. Unspent blood points are now capped.
  6. Adjusted certain matchmaking values.
  7. Various changes to basement, mine and blood lodge.
  8. Adjusted distortion effects during the sacrifice sequence.
  9. Adjusted smoke and materials when spawning characters.
  10. UI updates to the tally, loadout and inventory screens.
  11. The tally screen should now display the proper status for players that left or disconnected.
  12. Increased penalties for disconnecting or leaving a game.
  13. Animation polish.


  1. Fixed an issue which could cause "No One Escapes Death" to grant an incorrect attack cooldown reduction.
  2. Fixed an issue that could cause the killer’s camera to clip when picking up a survivor.
  3. Fixed an issue that could cause loud noise indicators to be seen in the tally screen.
  4. Fixed an issue that could stop a survivor from running when pressing the item use button when no interactions are available.
  5. Fixed an issue that could cause the trapper’s addons to only affect his starting trap.
  6. Fixed a matchmaking issue that could cause some players to be unable to play as the killer.
  7. Fixed an issue that could cause the survivor’s HP (bleed out) bar to not update properly on the survivor’s screen.
  8. Fixed an issue that could cause The Wraith to flicker when dissolving.
  9. Fixed an issue that could cause the wrong animation to play after picking up a survivor.
  10. Fixed an issue which could cause players not to derank after achieving rank 1.
  11. Fixed an issue which could block movement when The Hillbilly destroys an obstacle with the chainsaw.
  12. Fixed an issue where survivors couldn`t run away while getting healed.
  13. Fixed an issue which could cause players to get stuck on the hill.
  14. Various audio fixes.
  15. The Entity now manifests at the sacrificial hook in its proper glory.

Update 1.0.2a


  1. Fixed jittery walking animations for survivors.

Update 1.0.2b


  1. Fixed placement of bear traps near windows.
  2. Fixed picking up of crawling survivors near windows.

Update 1.0.2c


  1. Capped blood points at 500,000.
  2. Fix Wraith point farming when cloaking / uncloaking next to injured survivors.
  3. Fix for some killer add-ons not working (Wraith, Trapper).
  4. Fixed PIP penalties for leaving a game.

Update 1.0.2d


  1. Fixed an issue that could slow down or break matchmaking for some killers.