Update 1.7.3


  1. Added a new head customization for The Nurse.
  2. Added new Halloween variations of the Flashlight and Medkit Items (can be found in chests and in the bloodweb).
  3. Added new menu music for Halloween.
  4. Added various Halloween accessories (jack-o’-lanterns, candles, lanterns and tombstones) and changed the fog VFX and lighting in the main menu and lobbies.


  1. Fixed an issue that caused hooked survivors to drop their item when the killer hit them with the perk "Franklin’s Demise" equipped.
  2. Fixed an issue that caused players to become stuck for the rest of the match when vaulting over the shutter windows in Treatment Theatre (Lery’s Memorial Institute).
  3. Fixed an issue that caused survivors to become stuck in the hook after being rescued at the last possible moment.
  4. Fixed some cases where a player could lose their save progress after the game client would lose Network connection.
  5. Updated the description for perk "Distressing" : The bonus Deviousness points are awarded during the trial, not afterwards. The description has been corrected.
  6. Fixed an issue that caused players queued for a public lobby to join a Private lobby after the host unchecked the "Friends Only" option in match management.
  7. Integrated multiples fixes for Russian localization.