Update 1.8.3


  1. Added 3 new achievements for the Winter season Holiday Get-Together, Milk ’n’ Cookies and Happy Holidays.
  2. Added a new Winter skin for the Mystery Boxes in the Bloodweb. We are feeling generous this Winter season! The Winter Mystery Boxes will appear at every level of the Bloodweb, and will contain new rewards!
  3. The regular mystery box reward with higher rarity tier weighting.
  4. Multiple versions of the mystery boxes will have cheaper bloodpoints costs.
  5. Added a new Winter themed head customization for all original Killers.
  6. Added a new Winter themed skin for the hooks, barrels and lockers in all levels.
  7. Added a new Winter variation of the Chinese Firecracker item (can be found in chests and in the bloodweb).
  8. Added new menu and lobby music for the Winter season.
  9. Added various Winter accessories (snow piles, lanterns, snowman and blinking lights) and added falling snow in the main menu and lobbies.


Wraith Changes

  1. Changed the Wraith’s Wailing Bell ringing audio to play up to 24 meters instead of map wide. Survivors, if you hear the bell it means that the Wraith is already decloaking near you!
  2. Changed the Wraith’s cloaking "woosh" sound to 40 meters, instead of infinite. Add-ons that reduced the Wraith’s Wailing Bell audio range have been re-purposed for reducing the Cloaking woosh sound. Survivors, if you hear the woosh, the Wraith is near, but you are not in as much danger as when you hear the bell ringing!
  3. Changed the blood pools and VFX from an injured Survivor to be brighter when The Wraith is cloaked. The blood color returns to normal when uncloaked.
  4. Cloaking is now faster. Changed speed curve to be 100% of movement speed for 95% of the curve at which it increases to 110% of the Wraith’s 4.6 movement speed. (5.06m/s). This should encourage cloaking during chases, we felt that it was rather penalizing to have a cloak reduced movement speed + a uncloak reduced movement speed.
  5. Delay uncloaking sound by 1.5 seconds. (50% of the animation). Wraith’s, use this delay of audio to try and surprise survivors. Survivors, actively look for the Wraith’s shimmer while he is cloaked to make the most out of his decloak time/speed.
  6. Increased the time it takes to Burn the Wraith out of invisibility with a flashlight from 1 second to 1.5.
  7. Increased uncloaking movement speed and adjusted the uncloak movement speed curve to feel smoother and give less ground to survivors. The decloak gave a lot of room for survivors to put distance between themselves and the Wraith, with these changes Survivors should be actively looking for the wraith shimmer to get a head start.
  8. Interacting with a locker while cloaked should force the Wraith out of cloak if he finds a survivor. If he doesn’t find anyone he should stay cloaked.
  9. Odd Bulb has an adjusted consumption rate, from moderately (24%) to slightly (12%) increased consumption rate.
  10. Reduced invisibility Burnout time when a survivor flashlights a cloaked Wraith from 4 seconds to 3.
  11. Removed the quicker blind and burn modifiers from the increased flashlight beam effects against the killer, and from increased the power of the flashlight beam add-ons and items as well as simplified the text to reflect these changes(Utility Flashlight, Focus Lens, High-end Sapphire Lens, Power Bulb, Intense Halogen, Odd Bulb and TIR Optic).
  12. The Wraith can now damage generators and destroy pallets when cloaked. Doing this will force the Wraith out of invisibility during the animation, and the terror radius will play at full and then fade the Wraith back into invisibility.

Perk Changes

  1. Bloodhound: Increased Tiers I and II so that all Tiers use the same blood intensity.
  2. Shadowborn: Negative effects have been removed, FOV increased to 9/12/15 from 3/5/10.

Add-on Changes

  1. All Wraith’s Common add-ons are now "Soot" add-ons.
  2. All Wraith’s Rare add-ons are now "White" add-ons.
  3. All Wraith’s Ultra Rare add-ons are now "Spirit" add-ons.
  4. All Wraith’s Uncommon add-ons are now "Mud" add-ons.
  5. All Wraith’s Very Rare add-ons are now "Blood" add-ons.

Add-on Rarity Changes

  1. Adjusted the "Blink" add-ons that reduce The Wraiths disappearance charge time to 12.5/50%.
  2. Adjusted the White and Blood "Windstorm" add-ons for The Wraith’s reappearance time to 10/15%.Adjusting the uncloak movement curve, we’ve made it so The Wraith exits the uncloak at max speed instead of having to accelerate to max speed after the uncloak. This effectively maximizes the Windstorm add-ons efficiency, in compensation we have increased the time it takes to uncloak.
  3. Adjusted the range at which the Wraith’s Wailing Bell can be heard with the "Coxcombed Clapper" add-on to 40%.
  4. Adjusted the time it takes for The Wraith to uncloak with the "Swift Hunt" add-ons to 10/15/20%.
  5. Changed the name of the "Ghost" Soot add-on to "Ghost" White to better fit it’s rarity.
  6. Increased the aura reading range by 2 meters on the "All Seeing" add-ons. These are affected by other aura reading perks.

Map Changes

  1. Moved the generator in the foundry in the Ironworks of Misery map.
  2. Re-integrated the adjusted pallet location next to the foundry window in the Ironworks of Misery map.
  3. Re-integrated the assets outside of the window on the bottom floor of the foundry in the Ironworks of Misery map.

Bloodweb Changes

  1. Mystery Box (Winter Gift) can never contain an Item below the box’s Rarity.
  2. Mystery Box (Winter Gift) prices are half of the box rarity’s.
  3. Reworked the spawn pattern of Mystery Box (Winter Gift) to be 1 at all Levels, and 2 every 5 Levels (except 50).


  1. Fixed a level of detail issue on a specific type of tree in Badham Preschool.
  2. Fixed an issue that caused Feng Min’s Day Off Wrap customization to become transparent while in the Dream State.
  3. Fixed an issue that caused additional extra bonus Bloodpoint rewards when using The Shape’s add-ons "Scratched Mirror" & "Vanity Mirror".
  4. Fixed an issue that caused an impassable gap between a rock and fire barrel in the MacMillan Estate maps.
  5. Fixed an issue that caused the Killers model to obstruct auras (outlines).
  6. Fixed an issue that caused the Wraith to be unaffected by the Enduring perk when getting hit by a pallet while cloaked.
  7. Fixed an issue that caused the Wraiths eyes to remains visible when equipping the All Hallow’s Eyes customization.
  8. Fixed an issue that caused the arrows in Spectate mode to be invisible.
  9. Fixed an issue that caused the generator repaired bubble not to appear for players when indoor generators in Lampkin Lane and Badham Preschool were repaired.
  10. Fixed an issue that could sometimes cause motion blur when changing graphics settings.
  11. Fixed an issue that made it impossible for the Nurse to blink behind one of the houses in Badham Preschool.
  12. Fixed an issue that made it impossible to properly interrupt a survivor repairing an indoor generator in the Lampkin Lane and Badham Preschool maps.
  13. Fixed an issue where out of world textures were visible while in the Dream State in the garage of the Wretched Shop map.
  14. Fixed an issue where out of world textures were visible while in the Dream State in the slaughterhouse of the Rancid Abbatoir map.
  15. Fixed an issue where the offering Black Salt Statuette had the incorrect rarity.
  16. Fixed an issue with the perk Beast of Prey, Tiers I and III were marked as 10/30, instead of 15/25 as listed in game.
  17. Fixed an issue with the perk Object of Obsession, Tiers II and III were set to 50 meters and 56 meters instead of 56 and 64.
  18. Fixed an issue with the perk Quick and Quiet, Tiers I and II were set to 60 and 40 second cooldowns instead of 30/25 respectively.
  19. Fixed an issue with the perk Slippery Meat, Tier 1 decreased the escape rate by 25% instead of increasing it by 15%.
  20. Fixed the ground textures in Badham Preschool.

Update 1.8.3a


  1. Content - Integrated updated Polish localization.
  2. Event - Added support for Blood Hunt event from December 28th 2017 to January 2nd 2018.


  1. Re-integrated the Polish language (was erroneously removed with 1.8.3).

Update 1.8.3b

  1. Integrated additional anlaytics and logging to investigate connectivity issues with the backend services.