Update 1.9.0


  1. Content - Removed the Winter Event gift box skin and replaced with the Mystery Box.
  2. Content - Removed the Winter accessories and themed skins from the lobbies and in game.
  3. Content - Removed the Winter themed lobby and menu music.
  4. Content - Removed the possibility for the "Winter Party Starter" firecracker item to spawn in chests and in the Bloodweb.
  5. Feature - Added a "Secondary Power" keybinding to the Killer Controls. Hag players can now rebind the Teleport button, which should now prevent accidental teleports when using the Mint Rag add-on.


BloodWeb Changes

  1. Changed the half price cost of the Mystery Box back to the original values.
  2. Readjusted drop rates of items from level 25 to 50.
  3. The mystery boxes appearance rate is back at what it was prior to the Winter Event.

Design Changes

  1. Blindness status effect now blocks auras of hooked and downed survivors. (This includes Hex: The Third Seal and Huntress Add-ons).
  2. NURSE: After blinking, the Nurse used to have a special attack with different speed values and detection zones. This has been removed. The Nurse will now have a regular lunge after blinking.
  3. NURSE: Duration of the blink now depends on the how long the player charged the blink for, rather than the distance traveled during the blink. The time required to fully charge a blink (2 seconds), the maximum distance traveled (20 meters) and the time required to cover that distance (1.5 seconds) remain unchanged.
  4. NURSE: Lunge speed has been adjusted: She will now accelerate to a maximum speed of 6.9 m/s during the lunge, like other killers. Previously, her regular (non-blink) attack was slower than other killers due to her reduced movement speed.
  5. NURSE: Reappearance time is now much shorter and should be occurring as she blinks, this should remove the feeling that her collision is in place before she is visible, and allow for visual feedback in order to play against The Nurse.
  6. NURSE: We’ve updated how much time it takes to blink and linked this timing to how long The Nurse Blinks. Due to the Blink mechanic improvement, Nurse’s are now able to short blink instead of being forced to blink in relation to how long they have charged. Coupling the charge time for how long the nurse will take to displace herself will allows for survivors to always have a similar visual queue and timing to give them time to try and dodge The Nurse.
  7. NURSE: We’ve updated how we calculate where the Nurse Blinks, this change allows the Nurse to blink upwards and downwards with more accuracy. This change has also enabled the Nurse to vary how far she Blinks, allowing her to blink closer when previously she would have committed to the distance she had charged. This will significantly improve the Nurse’s ability to Blink. The following points will address the additional balance changes that should counter balance the improved Blink.
  8. SCRATCH MARKS: We’ve adjusted how Scratch Marks are displayed, they should no longer be; showing up on a floor above a survivor and showing up on walls that are opposite of a survivor running. They will still show up under floors when a survivor is running above it.
  9. Save The Best for Last’s text and functionality has been updated. The successful attack cooldown will not be lost when changing targets during a chase, and will continue to be active as long as a chase is held for more than 20 seconds.

Map Changes

  1. Added logic that limits the number of generic pallets that can spawn inside the Badham Preschool map to 3. Made the outside pallets procedural.
  2. Changed the minimum and maximum number of procedural pallets that can spawn. Global change.
  3. Fixed an exploit on the harvester object in the farm theme.
  4. Implemented a new pallet management system that allows us to tweak the minimum and maximum number of procedural pallets that can spawn per map.
  5. Increased the minimum spawning distance between procedural pallets from 8m to 10m. Global change.
  6. Reduced the number of pallets that can spawn on the edges of the Backwater Swamp maps.


  1. Added "Personal" to the Chalk Pouch, Cream Chalk Pouch and Ivory Chalk Pouch offering descriptions in all languages except Portuguese, Polish,Traditional Chinese, Korean and Japanese.
  2. Added "Personal" to the Escape! Cake and Survivor Pudding Anniversary offerings descriptions in all languages except Portuguese, Polish,Traditional Chinese, Korean and Japanese.
  3. Changed the name of Jake’s Old Man head customization from the Head Case DLC pack to Old Man Jake.
  4. Fixed a missing word in one of the survivors loading screen tool tips.
  5. Fixed a typo in the Doctor’s "Obedience" - Carter’s Notes add-on that referred to Shake it off instead of Snap Out Of It.
  6. Fixed a typo in the Survivors’ Health State section of the Killers Help & Tutorials Guide.
  7. Fixed a visual desync between host and client that could cause The Nurse to become invisible after a double blink or Memento Mori.
  8. Fixed an issue that allowed players to get on top of one of the piers in The Pale Rose.
  9. Fixed an issue that blocked Killer movement when a survivor was crouched in front of the hay bale on the combine harvester in Coldwind Farm maps.
  10. Fixed an issue that caused incorrect audio to play when The Shape killed a survivor.
  11. Fixed an issue that caused perk bonuses to appear as Offering bonuses in the tally screen. English only.
  12. Fixed an issue that caused the Cursed status effect and debuff icon not to appear when Hex: Ruin or Hex: Huntress Lullaby were triggered.
  13. Fixed an issue that caused the Nightmare’s eyes to appear translucent in game.
  14. Fixed an issue that caused the Upgrade button to erroneously disappear from the tally screen.
  15. Fixed an issue that caused the aura of a Survivor opening an exit gate to show at the improper range when using the Wake Up! perk.
  16. Fixed an issue that caused the equipped perks in the Loadout to reset when switching roles in a Kill Your Friends.
  17. Fixed an issue that could cause an invisible survivor pawn to appear in a match when that survivor disconnected during loading.
  18. Fixed an issue that could sometimes cause the points on the scoreboard to be inconsistent between host and clients.
  19. Fixed an issue that made it impossible to search a chest in Mother’s Dwelling.
  20. Fixed an issue that made it impossible to track the hatch or bear traps via the Rainbow Map item or the Black Silk Cord/Red Rope map add-ons.
  21. Fixed an issue that made it possible for the Engineer’s Toolbox to sabotage.
  22. Fixed an issue that visually caused add-ons from a previously equipped item to remain when switching items in the Loadout.
  23. Fixed an issue where Killers were not awarded with bonus Bloodpoints with the perk Hex: Thrill Of The Hunt equipped.
  24. Fixed an issue where clients had the Kill Your Friends Loadout if they left the private match.
  25. Fixed an issue with The Nurse’s Plaid Flannel add-on that caused it to indicate the wrong position for the blink. It should now accurately display the target location for the blink.
  26. Fixed an issue with The Nurse’s Plaid Flannel add-on that caused the blink indicator to display the shading used for being behind an object at all times. It will now properly display with light shading when unobstructed, and dark shading when behind an object. This should make it clearer where the blink will land.
  27. Fixed multiple issues that blocked player movement when a survivor was on specific hooks in Treatment Theatre.
  28. Fixed multiple typos in various Daily Rituals.
  29. Fixed various impassable gaps in the Badham Preschool map.
  30. Fixed various impassable gaps in the Coldwind Farm maps.
  31. Fixed various impassable gaps in the Disturbed Ward map.
  32. Fixed various impassable gaps in the MacMillan Estate maps.
  33. Tentatively fixed an issue that could occasionally cause no outdoor hooks to spawn in the MacMillan Estate maps #2. Due to the nature of this issue, it was difficult to reproduce and we will be tracking the status of the issue after this patch to confirm.
  34. Updated various Offerings and add-on descriptions to properly reflect their behaviour in all languages.