Update 1.9.1


  1. Changed Dead Hard Speed curve. Speed increases to 250% then drops off back to 100% over 0.5 seconds. This is step one of making the speed match the animation (step 2) and the Dead Hard movement easier to decipher from the killer side.
  2. Fixed an issue with Window Vaults allowing survivors to vault faster from one side, survivors now vault at the same speed from both sides of a window.
  3. Increased the odds of spawning "openings" instead of walls (or closed doors) for the rooms in Lery`s Memorial Treatment Theater map.
  4. Reworked the values of three Score Events for The Pig:
  5. A Successful Hit after an Ambush Dash gives 200 Bloodpoints instead of 50.
  6. Setting a Reverse Bear Trap gives 500 Bloodpoints instead of 250.
  7. Starting an Ambush Dash gives 100 Bloodpoints instead of 25.


  1. Fixed a couple of instances where the hatch spawned inside of walls in The Game map.
  2. Fixed an issue that allowed The Pig to get an automatic kill when dropping a Survivor with a reverse bear trap on at the exit gate.
  3. Fixed an issue that allowed player to see the Killers red stain through doors in The Game map.
  4. Fixed an issue that caused The Huntress’ movement speed to be too slow when cancelling a hatchet throw.
  5. Fixed an issue that caused The Nurse to do the blade wipe animation after blinking and hitting a survivor. The Nurse should now only have her fatigue stun after blinking and hitting.
  6. Fixed an issue that caused The Nurse’s Lethal Blink score event to be unobtainable (which prevented progress on her Daily Ritual and achievement).
  7. Fixed an issue that caused some floating grass patches in the Grim Pantry map.
  8. Fixed an issue that caused the game to freeze or crash when there were too many available interactions displayed in the HUD. This was affected by the selected language (which vary in length), and would cause the game to crash.
  9. Fixed an issue that caused the pallet breaking sound to play when The Pig damaged a generator.
  10. Fixed an issue that prevented some players from obtaining the "Where Did They Go!?" achievement after meeting the requirements.
  11. Fixed some level of detail issues on the number signs at the exit gates in The Game map.
  12. Updated the Self-Care perk description with the updated values for Tiers I and II in Polish, Portuguese, Korean and Traditional Chinese.