Update 1.9.3


  1. Content - Added a new customization for Feng Min (torso) for completing the Lunar New Year community challenge.
  2. Content - Extending the Lunar New Year personal challenge until Monday March 5th 7:00 pm UTC.
  3. Content - Removed the Lunar New Year fireworks from the lobbies. It has been decided that we are keeping the lobby lighting from the Lunar Event.
  4. Content - Removed the possibility to spawn the Red Envelope Offering in the Bloodweb when the event ends. Please note, if you have one generated in the Bloodweb prior to it being disabled, it will still be there. Also note, the *Offering will still be available in the inventory, but disabled until a future event.
  5. Feature - Players now receive a notification the first time they are affected by the perk Overwhelming Presence. In addition, the perk We’ll Make It will now give a notification to the player who has been unhooked. Maybe they won’t run away this time!


  1. The Hag’s Terror Radius has been reduced from 28 meters to 24 meters. A smaller Terror Radius will help the hag approach survivors with more time before being detected, in addition to a larger range in which she can hide her presence in range of her maximum teleport range.


  1. Fixed an issue that caused Lunar New Year Event coin totals to duplicate in the save data when quitting a Kill Your Friends, which could cause the game to crash or infinite load.
  2. Fixed an issue that caused The Hag’s phantasms to appear normally when using a Prestiged Hag.
  3. Fixed an issue that caused all players to hear The Hillbilly hit an object with his chainsaw map wide.
  4. Fixed an issue that caused corrupted characters to appear in the Daily Rituals screen in Thai, Japanese and Traditional Chinese.
  5. Fixed an issue that caused no impact sound when hitting a Survivor, or failing a self heal skill check.
  6. Fixed an issue that caused some Memento Mori audio elements to be missing or inconsistent between clients and host.
  7. Fixed an issue that caused the loud noise indicators not to appear when Survivors rushed an action above the basement while the Killer was in it.
  8. Fixed an issue that caused the perks, items, add-ons and offerings from players in the scoreboard to appear through the other pages on the tally screen.
  9. Fixed an issue that caused totems revealed from the perk Detective’s Hunch not to be added to the map.
  10. Fixed an issue that could cause Survivors to briefly teleport to the sides when vaulting.
  11. Fixed an issue that could cause Survivors to get stuck inside a pallet when vaulting.
  12. Fixed an issue that could cause The Hag’s triggered traps not to have a terror radius.
  13. Fixed an issue that could cause a crash on the Title Screen if the save data of the player would become too large.
  14. Fixed an issue that could cause the tally screen and scoreboard to be empty if a Daily Ritual was completed but not dismissed before the host left.
  15. Fixed an issue that could make it impossible to pick up an item after swapping it from a chest.
  16. Fixed an issue that made it almost impossible to pick up a medkit from a chest after searching it.
  17. Fixed the Hex: Devour Hope description formatting in Simplified Chinese.
  18. Minor localization improvements.

Update 1.9.3a


  1. Feature - Added a more thorough retry mechanism to the saving functionality and display a failure message to the user if the game is unable to process a save request for an extended period of time (30 seconds).
  2. Feature - Added a new saving icon.
  3. Feature - Added a warning message when a player attempts to leave the game while there is still a save command pending.
  4. Feature - Added an auto-save message on the splash screen.

Update 1.9.3b


  1. Fixed two specific cases where a save/load data operation would fail to process properly and could result in loss of progress.