Update 2.0.1


  1. Content - Integrated Korean & Polish community translations.


  1. Added extra logging to better help track down the issue where a player can be unable to move after loading into a match.
  2. Fixed an incorrect value in the Clown’s power description (coughing duration should be 2 seconds instead of 1.5 seconds).
  3. Fixed an issue that caused English localization to appear in a few areas of the Store when the game languages was not set to English.
  4. Fixed an issue that caused the Generator Icon & count to be invisible in the HUD in a match after completing the Tutorial levels.
  5. Fixed an issue that could cause a locker to spawn underneath a window in Father Campbell’s Chapel, thus allowing Survivor to hold the game hostage.
  6. Fixed an issue that could cause the pallet collision to remain active after being destroyed by a chainsaw attack from The Hillbilly or The Cannibal.
  7. Fixed an issue where the Hillbilly’s Marked Spike Maul customization item was erroneously removed from the inventory.
  8. Fixed text color formatting for Chinese, Japanese, Korean & Thai.

Update 2.0.1a


  1. Fixed an issue that could cause clients to be unable to move once they have loaded into a match.

Update 2.0.1b


  1. Fixed an issue that caused a missing collision on a wall of the Wretched Shop building in Autohaven Wreckers when the basement spawned in the shack building.
  2. Fixed an issue that made it possible for players to increase their navigation & interaction speed.
  3. Fixed the textures on Claudette’s Official Botanist Apron.