Update 3.2.2


  1. Fixed an issue that caused a visual desync between clients and host on the End Game Collapse timer.
  2. Fixed an issue causing the control sensitivity sliders settings to not be properly applied.
  3. Fixed an issue that caused the scream animation from the Infectious Fright perk to be delayed if the Survivor was performing an interaction when affected.
  4. Fixed an issue that caused the Second Wind perk not to become disabled when grabbed out of a locker.
  5. Fixed an issue that caused The Hag to scream when teleporting to a phantasm trap.
  6. Fixed an issue that could cause Survivors to be misaligned with the Jigsaw box with a ping over 100.
  7. Fixed an issue that sometimes caused a Survivor in the Survive With Friends group not to make it into the public lobby.
  8. Fixed an issue that caused Host spectators in a Custom Game not to be sent back to the IIS (splash screen) when disconnecting.
  9. Fixed an issue that made it impossible for The Nurse to blink inside the office building in the Azarov’s Resting Place map.
  10. Fixed an issue that caused multiple Survivor’s hair not to cast shadows.
  11. Misc LOD fixes.
  12. Fixed an issue that caused players ranks to reset each time they rebooted the application.
  13. Fixed an issue that prevented users from submitting a ticket through the Customer Support button in the Help & Tutorials section of the application.
  14. Adjusted the projectile throwing interaction (The Clown, The Huntress & The Plague) to increase its responsiveness.