Last Update

Important features

  1. Prevented the doors to the Morass appearing if the DLC isn’t owned or if you haven’t been to the Arboretum at least once (DLC).


  1. The little mushies in the Arboretum can now be dodged with a roll when thrown by their adult counterparts (the bigger mushrooms of Arboretum) (DLC).

Graphics & UI

  1. Removed the pop-up window when using a save on a newer version. It was confusing people more than anything else.

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed the Gardener’s corpse dropping infinite keys and blueprints (DLC).
  2. Fixed blowgunners jump related crashes (DLC).
  3. Fixed the Ninja skin going pink.
  4. Fixed custom modes adding mobs crashing the game.
  5. Fixed some crashes when loading a save.
  6. Fixed the lights not glowing in the transition level between Prison Depths and Morass (DLC).
  7. Fixed Mushroom Boi not following you when teleporting (DLC).
  8. Fixed ’ShareComboWeapon’ related crashes.
  9. Fixed grenades locking the beheaded when used on Mama Tick (DLC).
  10. Fixed Smoke bomb’s damages being considered melee instead of range (DLC).
  11. Fixed Arboretum’s Carnivorous plants bumping the player but not damaging him when standing at the very edge (DLC).
  12. Blowgunner now keeps patrolling instead of freezing if you’re standing just below him (DLC).
  13. Fixed Fugitives (orange spear-wielding dudes of the Morass) hovering above the ground (DLC).
  14. Fixed the softlock caused by using the Hunter’s Grenade on Morass’s ticks. Now, the tick will transform into an Elite Tick. Good luck to you all. (DLC).
  15. Fixed the Royal Gardener’s skin being locked forever if you didn’t pick it when looting said gardener the first time. (DLC).