Update v1.8.2 (beta)


  1. Removed the interaction between the Crowbar and the breakable props. Rebalanced the damage and critical values to match.
  2. Community suggestion Improved reactivity of the crouching hitbox.
  3. Community suggestion Reduced height of Dark Tracker hitbox to better match the animation.

Level design

  1. The Half-Life lore-room now only appears once you’ve unlocked the Teleport rune.
  2. Community suggestion Prevented the Arboretum entrance from appearing too close to the beginning of the game.
  3. Community suggestion Added a teleport at the very beginning of Cemetery so mobs don’t spawn too close to the entrance.

Graphics & UI

  1. Dead Cells window is now titled ... Dead Cells.
  2. The Bad Seed Improved some lore room graphics.
  3. Added new monsters sprites to the statistics panel.

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed item description not appearing when you are accompagnied by a friendly mob.
  2. Fixed Earthquaker hitting through walls.
  3. Fixed Comboter hitting through walls.
  4. Fixed Conjonctivius drops sometimes not spawning.
  5. Fixed Conjonctivius platforms disappearing on reload.
  6. Improved some crash error messages. So it crashes just as often, but now we know why.
  7. Fixed a typo in the french description of the Warrior Shield. An english patchnote entry for a french typo ... cool.
  8. Fixed Lightning Whip hitting hidden blocks through walls.
  9. Fixed Tentacles hitting behind them while sweeping (the Hook should be safer to use on them now).
  10. The Bad Seed Fixed a seed error in Arboretum. Ah! Bad seed ... ehehe.
  11. The Bad Seed Fixed a crash on hero death while the Mushroom Boi! was active.
  12. The Bad Seed Fixed some lore room decorations from obscuring enemies.
  13. The Bad Seed Fixed a crash occuring when picking up the Tick Schythe while having only one hand occupied.
  14. Fixed The Hand of the King being petrified by the mere sight of an Emergency Door.
  15. Fixed description of Fire and Oil on destroy affix.
  16. Fixed Rat passing through the player even when paried.
  17. Fixed Enforcer getting stuck in their attack animation.
  18. Fixed Architect Key secret not being always open after being discovered once.
  19. Fixed some crash linked to the new monsters.
  20. Fixed some crashes occuring when destroying the Emergency Door.