Update v1.9.1 (alpha)

Important features

  1. Any diminishing return is now removed after a few secondes. This means that Freeze, Stun, Slows, and everything else that used to be less and less effective against a target in a fight can now be used more efficiently for these long boss fights.
  2. Ice Crossbow, Repeater Crossbow and the new Shop category haven’t been tweaked yet, but we’re working on improve them. Other changes in this patch would have collided with these tweaks so we decided to put them of for now.
  3. Equipping a two-handed weapon now gives you access to a backpack weapon slot. You can put any one-handed weapon inside so the next time you come across another one-handed weapon, you can equip both at the same to replace your two-handed weapon.


  1. Two-handed weapons can no longer appear as starting gear until the Armory is unlocked.
  2. Modified Explosive Crossbow secondary hit to crit upon direct hit and push back ennemies further.
  3. Improved one-shot protection to prevent some unfair deaths related to combos.
  4. The Duelyst is now named Dancer and occasionnally dash behind you before stabbing you in the back. Omae wa mo shindeiru.
  5. Enemies’ damage further decreased in BC2 and higher.
  6. Slammer and Toxic Miasma damage slightly decreased.
  7. Mob density has been slightly reduced in BC1 and higher.
  8. Combo Mutation base value decreased.
  9. Lightning Whip damage reduced to compensate for the new additional damage coming from the shock status.
  10. Lowered Ice Shards critical damage.
  11. Ice Armor can’t get the "burn the ground when effect ends" affix.
  12. Ice Shield can’t get the "burn on parry" affix.

Level design

  1. The Bad Seed The Swamp Altar is now a permanent room, and so cannot be deactivated with the "Remove lore rooms" options.

Graphics & UI

  1. Added an option to display or hide the Seed information above your minimap.
  2. Adjusted Explosive Crossbow colors.

Quality of life

  1. Thunder Shield no longer target doors. Especially golden door.

Music & Sfx

  1. Heavy Crossbow SFX have been reworked.

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed Ice Crossbow secondary fire not being counted as a ranged attack.
  2. Fixed Hokuto’s Bow and Wolf Trap bonus DPS no longer applying on DoTs.
  3. Fixed Thundershield crashing when parrying a bomb.
  4. Fixed Mushroom Boi crashing when entering a ZDoor.
  5. Fixed Rat sometimes attacking behind your shield.
  6. Fixed Spiked Boots sometimes making you grab ledges or platforms above you.
  7. Fixed various other crashes.