Update v23.7 (beta)


  1. Community suggestion Big buff to Point Blank mutation.

Graphics & UI

  1. Integrated translations on all languages. Except new Rampart description. Woops?

Music & Sfx

  1. Added a SFX to emphasis Toothpick’s full charge.

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed hero head’s smoke tail being shorter than usual.
  2. Fixed Ice Armor crash.
  3. Fixed a crash on Banished.
  4. Fixed Unlimited Ammo breaking Ice Crossbow and Repeater Crossbow secondary shots.
  5. Fixed Toothpick accumulating affixes.
  6. Fixed a crash that occured upon dying with the Broken Toothpick in hand.
  7. Fixed a crash on a certain secret power.
  8. Fixed a crash on Tentacle Whip.
  9. Fixed a rare crash that occured sometimes when climbing ladders.
  10. Fixed a crash on Swarm Zombies.