Update v24.1 (beta)


  1. Ice Shards weapon now has a 3 second slowdown effect (down from 5).
  2. Parry Shield counter projectiles now deal damage.
  3. Tombstone does not allow crit affixes anymore due to its specific behaviour.
  4. Shovel (damage increased).
  5. Tentacle (damage increased).
  6. Katana (invincibility frames removed and forward movement reduced on basic attacks). Please note that the charged attack is unchanged.

Level design

  1. Added new extra rooms to Derelict Distillery.
  2. Fixed some minor visual issues on new rooms for Undying Shores and Fractured Shrines.


  1. Updating the integrated Mod Support documentation.

Bug fixes

  1. Preventing softlock when fighting Conjunctivius boss with Snake Fangs weapon.
  2. Preventing softlock while using the Hunter Grenade weapon on the Giant Tick enemy.
  3. Preventing softlock if a double KO occurs during the true final boss fight.
  4. Preserving active turrets when a multi-forms weapon is evolving.
  5. Removing that damn pink square on the BC selector.
  6. Skull icon for the kill counter is fixed when you get the gold version after reloading the run.
  7. Elite Rampager enemies don’t pause their charge anymore after roaring.
  8. Slashers enemies can’t override the "Cannot be interrupted by an enemy’s attack" affix anymore.
  9. No more messages notifying a malaise tier increase when reducing infection.
  10. Some minor bug fixes.