Update August 25, 2021

  1. Slightly increased movement speed.
  2. Updated rolling: changing distance, speed and i-frames.
  3. Decrease enemy hitstun resistance duration.
  4. Allow attack cancelling through block ability.
  5. Allow easier queueing of point and click command during attack.
  6. Updated possible character movement towards end of melee attack.
  7. Decreased forward momentum on melee attacks.
  8. Added some impact sounds for humanoid enemies.
  9. Fixed infinite gold exploit at highest bartering level.
  10. Fixed losing local map discovery state in some circumstance.
  11. Added explicit UI message when resources inventory is full on pickup.
  12. Fixed issues with health bars on large amounts of damage.
  13. Fixed issues with trail on deconstructor claw.
  14. Additional small bug fixes and improvements.