Update August 15, 2021

  1. Updated main quest around Old Trees.
  2. Mac OS: compiled as Intel build now, should fix game on M1 Macs.
  3. Accessability: added keyboard only combat input scheme.
  4. Fixed a few quest and dialogue issues with priests around New Delphi.
  5. Added alternative way to get key in New Delphi.
  6. Fixed an issue with puke contest.
  7. Fixed blind man equipping gun on loading savegames.
  8. Updated blind man dialogue.
  9. Fixed A Fine Piece Of Meat quest not failing when NPC dies.
  10. Fixed door issues in dialogue.
  11. Fixed full item stacks removed instead of exact count when finishing quests.
  12. Fixed not being able to use vanish ability as pacifist.
  13. Fixed an issue with vanish ability while being in stealth.
  14. Fixed some text issues.
  15. Fixed stats selection possibly ignored when coming back from visual selection.
  16. Additional small bug fixes and framework additions.