Update August 23, 2021

  1. Make permadeath only trigger when in physical world.
  2. Fixed using consumables through popup UI not checking for restrictions.
  3. Fixed price for item stacks at merchants being higher than price for same amount of single items.
  4. Fixed block tutorial persisting even after unequipping block item.
  5. Fixed a wrong animation state of the deconstructor.
  6. Fixed sprite issues with enhanced and pump action shotgun.
  7. Fixed another issue with the high priest.
  8. Fixed being able to buy a module from the barkeeper a second time.
  9. Fixed service items getting transferred to player inventory when using quick action button.
  10. Prevent shooting immediately after closing inventory (fix for custom button assignments).
  11. Fixed a few text and localization issues.
  12. Fixed a few crashes.
  13. Additional small bug fixes and framework improvements.