Update v1.2

  1. New Character: Kai.
  2. Custom server names have been removed. The player’s Steam name is now used automatically.
  3. Performance improvements to The Farmhouse, especially when running on Very Low settings.
  4. Animals run less predictably when fleeing.
  5. Animals will give up on seeking food if they are no longer able to make a path to it.
  6. Removes lean-forward animation for when interacting with something in first person.
  7. Fixes to how Hay snaps to the terrain when dropped.
  8. Demons now banishable during spawn.
  9. Demons will now align to the stairs better.
  10. Slightly more blood on the Nightmare robe.
  11. Anna will ignore people standing behind the drive-way fence.
  12. Anna can no longer be held by standing on the tree trunk in the front yard.
  13. Anna will more aggressively knockout players who are standing on something raised above her but within a reachable distance.
  14. Fixed an issue where red eyes may not show after staggering Anna in Hard Mode.
  15. Anna no longer has red eyes all the time on the 9th goat.
  16. Very slight increase to speed of flashlight delay on mouse rotation.
  17. Slight improvement to the quality of Anna’s body texture.
  18. Added an FPS Limit option.