Update v1.3

  1. Added Dutch and Indonesian language settings.
  2. Added Credits to the main menu.
  3. Added a new Mute Jump Scares audio setting.
  4. Fix for voice chat sometimes not working in lobbies.
  5. Displays a status message in the chat section when another player picks up a key.
  6. Fix for a hole in the world under the stairs near the Asylum fireplace.
  7. AI now correctly paths on the Asylum ritual area platform.
  8. Fixed a couple of spots on the Asylum map where Molly could not reach players.
  9. Fix for an edge case when Molly would scream on a client’s machine but not on the host.
  10. Improved tutorials for AI staggering and calming down mechanics.
  11. Molly no longer renders red eyes constantly in Nightmare mode.
  12. Improvements made to both Farmhouse and Asylum environments to prevent being pushed through some walls when player collisions is turned on.
  13. Tweaks to the hosting lobby UI to allow for more settings to fit in future.
  14. Fixed a bug where you could pick Molly on The Asylum.
  15. Hosts now verify that clients own a legit copy of DEVOUR on Steam. This requires Steam to be initialized.