Update v1.4.6

  1. Adds new outfit preview UI to lobby.
  2. Added new playable character, April.
  3. Added 2 new paid-for outfits for Zara: Claws Out and Fan The Flames.
  4. Jump animation improved in 3rd person.
  5. In-game status messages for key pickups now translate correctly into the clients language.
  6. Fixed an issue where you could avoid being grabbed by Demons/Inmates in certain crouched positions.
  7. Improvements to how objects are dropped and swapped to prevent bugs with animals getting stuck.
  8. UI icons will no longer get stuck on the screen during an ending cutscene.
  9. Fixes a few italian translation issues.
  10. Removes ghosting caused by ambient occlusion post-processing.
  11. Potential fix for edge case where Anna/Molly would get stuck when carrying a player.
  12. Fix for food being placed in a floating position in the ward.