Update v2.1

  1. Added a new Medkits server setting.
  2. Added EXP boosts for toggling Medkits/Batteries settings.
  3. 6 new achievements for no Medkits or Batteries.
  4. Server settings are now displayed for clients in lobbies.
  5. Added a Players menu in-game for muting and accessing steam profile.
  6. Adds new perk Repellent (icon not added yet).
  7. Removed the "Perks" toggle from server settings. We do not want to promote the ability to disable perks (and especially not reward any EXP for doing so). Instead, you can now disable your perk for yourself if you want an extra challenge.
  8. Adjusted the base amount of EXP gained for each ritual object destroyed so that it scales exponentially instead of linearly (the minimum and maximum amounts are still the same).
  9. Various improvements to hiding spots to prevent players getting stuck.
  10. Fixed Zara from getting stuck and spinning in front of the onsen hole.
  11. Fixed edge case where an extra goat would appear on The Farmhouse.
  12. Fixed edge case of Zara being unable to enrage due to player blocking.
  13. Fixed a few cases where the server settings were rendering incorrectly for clients.
  14. Fixed an edge case issue where Zara would begin vomiting whilst still walking.
  15. Fixed item duplication that could occur when cleaning an egg on a high latency connection.
  16. Fixed item duplication that could occur when dropping an object and being knocked out at the same time.