Update June 14, 2020


  1. Added Free Gift Bag "The Four Relics of Rivellon".

PS4 Specific Updates

  1. Added Korean language.

Xbox One Specific Updates

  1. Added an in-game option to change language.
  2. Added Czech, Korean and Japanese Languages.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed a crash related to picking rewards after returning Saheila to the Elven camp.
  2. Fixed a crash when re-assigning a character that was in the rewards screen.
  3. Fixed a crash in split screen when a character gets charmed.
  4. Fixed a crash when approaching Queen Justinia and Isbeil.
  5. Fixed a corruption issue in the undertavern, causing NPCs to freeze in place or walk out of bounds.
  6. Fixed getting invisible status permanently after pickpocketing specific animals with Master Thief talent.
  7. Fixed Eternal Arbiter being hostile when he should be neutral.
  8. Fixed unlimited range of bedroll when Source Meditation is enabled.
  9. Fixed summons getting random buffs from Combat Randomizer in multiplayer.
  10. Fixed container window disappearing behind inventory when dragging.
  11. Fixed Greedy Vessel talent restoring source points on dead characters.
  12. Fixed missing exit icon in the map’s legend.
  13. Fixed automatically added spells to be added to the currently active hotbar number instead of the first one.
  14. Fixed being able to see enemies in hotseat arena.
  15. Fixed "can’t reach" issue during pipe puzzle in Arx.
  16. Fixed overlapping item interactions during dialogs.
  17. Fixed Soulcatcher talent spawning zombies even if the player with the talent is dead.
  18. Fixed a multiplayer connection flow issue when the host is using mods.
  19. Fixed Circle of Protection’s tooltip.
  20. Fixed sometimes being unable to surrender in arena mode.
  21. Fixed an issue displaying empty archived journal page when loading older savegames.
  22. Fixed not being able to switch out of the character sheet tab when assigning points without saving.
  23. Fixed map names not loading correctly in the lobby sometimes.
  24. Fixed Arena mode team colours when sending items.
  25. Fixed an issue with inviting players to your party while they are in dialog.
  26. Fixed an issue with surrendering on the AI’s turn in Hotseat Arena mode.
  27. Fixed Erratic Entity staying in combat when Combat Randomizer is active.
  28. Fixed Lone Wolf giving double attributes when combined with Magic Cycles talent.
  29. Fixed an issue with attribute bonuses in the magic mirror being applied incorrectly.
  30. Fixed an issue with lobby map filtering.
  31. Fixed hold in hand feature when trying it from within containers.
  32. Fixed notification system messages while trying to cast scrolls when silenced.
  33. Fixed dialog log when restoring NPC attitudes towards the player after combat.
  34. Fixed text visibility issue in rune enchantment window.
  35. Fixed an issue with reassigning characters that have active summons.
  36. Fixed AI behavior when affected by Ruptured Tendons and Resist Death.
  37. Fixed not getting a confirmation window when donating multiple items (controller).
  38. Fixed Shrieker portraits.
  39. Fixed being able to manipulate Higba’s armor while controlling him, resulting in lost items.
  40. GM Mode: fixed peace mode activated message appearing incorrectly.
  41. GM Mode: fixed party reroll breaking player’s attributes, abilities and talents.
  42. GM Mode: fixed a crash with giving NPCs Shields Up skill.
  43. GM Mode: fixed dice roll updates in combat log.
  44. GM Mode: fixed Game Master icon being visible on possessed creatures.