Update July 15, 2021

  1. Fixed a bug with Steam cloud saves that could cause progress to be lost.
  2. Fixed a bug where special poems may show up in English when language is Latin American Spanish.
  3. Fixed a bug that could cause a softlock when saving into a save slot.
  4. Fixed "Stories of Friendship and Literature" not displaying in the Jukebox when unlocked.
  5. Improved procedure for special poem unlocks to randomize the chosen poems upon choosing New Game and prevent duplicates from being shown.
  6. Fixed a bug that that could cause content warnings setting to revert to an old setting when choosing New Game.
  7. Added more supported resolutions for non-16:9 aspect ratios.
  8. Fixed some audio sync issues during the Act 2 fight between Natsuki and Yuri.
  9. Fixed a bug that caused save slot time codes to display as GMT after quitting and reloading the game.
  10. Removed the requirement for 100% completion that required choosing "Yes" for Yuri at the end of Act 2.