Update June 29, 2021

Next Gen Update Features Breakdown

  1. These next gen versions bring the following upgrades to each respective platform, achieving new performance and graphical fidelity not yet experienced on any DOOM console version:

Xbox Series X

  1. Three New Graphics Modes.
  2. Ray Tracing Mode running at 1800p/60 FPS.
  3. Performance Mode running at 1800p/120 FPS.
  4. Balanced Mode running at 4K/60 FPS.
  5. HDR 10 in any Graphics Mode.
  6. Ultra-Quality Style Graphics Settings.
  7. Cross-Gen BATTLEMODE support with XBox One.
  8. Variable Refresh Rate.
  9. Variable Rate Shading.

Xbox Series S

  1. Two New Graphics Modes.
  2. Performance Mode running at 1080p/120 FPS.
  3. Balanced Mode running at 1440p/60 FPS.
  4. HDR 10 in any Graphics Mode.
  5. Cross-Gen BATTLEMODE support with XBox One.
  6. Variable Refresh Rate.
  7. Variable Rate Shading.
  8. NOTE: Ray Tracing Mode is not available on Xbox Series S.

PlayStation 5

  1. Three New Graphics Modes.
  2. Ray Tracing Mode running at 1800p/60 FPS.
  3. Performance Mode running at 1584p/120 FPS.
  4. Balanced Mode running at 4K/60 FPS.
  5. HDR 10 in any Graphics Mode.
  6. Ultra-Quality Style Graphics Settings.
  7. Cross-Gen BATTLEMODE support with PlayStation 4.
  8. DualSense™ adaptive trigger support.


  1. Ray Tracing Mode: Availability and performance depends on a user’s PC hardware.

Ray Tracer Ballista Skin

  1. This incredibly reflective new Ballista skin is a free login reward waiting for every Slayer in Update 6. Equip the Ray Tracer today and see new demonic dimensions down the barrel of the Ballista!

Free New Master Level - Taras Nabad

  1. The capital of Argent D’Nur, Taras Nabad was once the victim of a major demonic invasion that further cemented the legend of the DOOM Slayer. Now it’s time to return to the city in the Master Level challenge to show those demons that the first time wasn’t a fluke!
  2. An entirely new combat experience, built from the ground up, meant to challenge the player beyond anything seen in the base campaign.
  3. Brand new environmental hazards and conditions keep the player on their toes and change the way they think about approaching combat.
  4. All new rewards like player icons, nameplates, and cosmetics all earnable through completing Taras Nabad Master Level in different difficulties and modes.

Classic Mode

  1. Start the Master Level with only the Combat Shotgun. You’ll need to find the rest of the weapons and mods throughout the level in order to fill out your arsenal and have a chance to survive!

Extra-Life Difficulty

  1. We’ve added Extra-Life mode for those looking to hone their skills and take on a higher challenge as it’s permadeth once you run out of Extra Lives. This is a great new option for those training for an Ultra Nightmare run. Time to go hunting for secrets!

Ultra Nightmare Difficulty

  1. For the ultimate test of skill for those black belt Slayers, we’ve added Ultra Nightmare difficulty for this new Master Level. This means permadeath without the chance to gain Extra Lives.
  2. Complete the Taras Nabad Campaign mission to unlock.

Campaign Updates

General Gameplay

  1. Ice Bombs now freeze the DOOM Hunter boss variants.
  2. Adjusted hit detection volume for Tentacle to be more accurate to what player sees, making it easier to hit.
  3. Reduced welcome message duration by 1 second.

Difficulty Level Balance Adjustment

  1. Chainsaw kills now refill 100% of player ammo on I’m Too Young to Die.
  2. Reduced projectile speed for the Archvile’s Rolling Fire attack on I’m Too Young to Die and Hurt Me Plenty.
  3. Reduced Carcass projectile and tracking speeds on I’m Too Young to Die and Hurt Me Plenty.
  4. Reduced speed of DOOM Hunter gatling gun and arm cannon projectiles on I’m Too Young to Die and Hurt Me Plenty.
  5. Reduced Whiplash projectile and tracking speeds on I’m Too Young to Die and Hurt Me Plenty.

DOOM Eternal: Campaign


  1. Added UI pop-up to remind players that they have unspent Sentinel Batteries.

DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods - Part One & Part Two

  1. Lowered damage values for Blood Maykr cruciform and javelin attacks by 15%.
  2. Reduced the Plasma Rifle’s Microwave Beam ammo cost to dispatch Spirits.

DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods - Part One


  1. Reverted balance changes introduced with Update 5 that removed some AI to the first arena after the timed fan puzzle that launches you across the channel and the destroyed oil rig arena that follows shortly thereafter.


  1. Trial of Maligog Boss Fight.
  2. Increased respawn timer for Hell Knight and Pinky spawns for all phases.
  3. Removed Mecha Zombie and Shield Soldiers.
  4. Increased resource drops when hitting the Cubes.
  5. Increased damage values for Chaingun, Micro Missiles, Precision Bolt and Automatic Shotgun against the Eye.
  6. Raised the Eye’s projectile attack sound effects in audio mix so they are more audible.
  7. Increased the Eye’s projectile attack VFX size so they are easier to see.
  8. Reduced direct damage from the Eye’s projectile attack.
  9. Decreased the Eye’s projectile attack speed by 20%.
  10. Increased size of hit detection for the Eye.


  1. Samur Boss Fight Balance Adjustments.
  2. Added more health packs and vials to final arena.
  3. Added some plasma pickups to final arena.
  4. Adjusted respawn time for Dreadknight and Pain Elemental in final phase from 4 to 10 seconds.

DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods - Part Two

  1. Added a distinct sound cue to indicate when Cursed Prowlers spawn into the world.
  2. Player now automatically receives a Blood Punch charge after being Cursed.
  3. Reduced amount of health that the Dark Lord receives after hitting the player during boss fight.
  4. General quality of life improvements to Demonic Trooper.
  5. Stone Imp no longer takes damage from the Chaingun Energy Shield.

New BATTLEMODE Arena: Corrosion

  1. BATTLEMODE’s latest arena: Corrosion is a forgotten fortress that’s been ravaged by a hellish swamp. Players will engage in frenetic firefights through the outer Battlements and ambush deep into the inner Catacombs. The Courtyard acts as the arena’s centerpiece, and provides cover with plenty of mobility options. Expect high showdown potential between the Demon Players and DOOM Slayer in this new arena.

BATTLEMODE Updates - All Platforms


  1. Bandwidth utilization optimizations to help mitigate game-related server hitches.
  2. We are hopeful for best case scenario network performance previous to Update 6 to feel like worst case scenario network performance in Update 6.


  1. Added jump pad cooldowns to specific groups of jump pads that could be exploited through constant use in Forsaken, Penance and Celestial.
  2. Increased teleporter cooldown to from 10 sec to 15 sec.

BATTLEMODE Balance Updates - All Platforms


  1. Added Primary Charger Heavy Cannon Micro Missiles upgrade to Slayer base kit.
  2. Primary Charger - Kills with the Heavy Cannon will boost Micro Missiles damage by 30% for 5 sec.
  3. Added Salvo Extender Combat Shotgun Full Auto upgrade to Slayer base kit.
  4. Salvo Extender - Killing a demon with the Full Auto mod will drop shell ammo.
  5. Removed Faster Recovery upgrade from the Chaingun’s Energy Shield, which has increased the Energy Shield’s recharge time by 37.5%.
  6. Increased damage dealt to Chaingun Energy Shield by Demon Players from 2.5x to 4x.
  7. (With the exception of Revenant Rocket Barrage & Mancubus Flamethrower attacks still deal 2.5x damage).
  8. Increased Flame Belch cooldown with Burning Hate upgrade to 15 sec up from 12.5 sec.
  9. Fist of fury behavior updated to allow the Slayer to get a Blood Punch charge from one glory kill and reduced damage resistance to 35%, down from 50%.
  10. Reduced Endless Rage duration from 5 sec to 4 sec.


  1. The Slayer’s Precision Bolt and Ballista do less damage at certain distances when used against Demon Players.


  1. Demon Players can now summon AI and place rad hazards and healing zones on the floating platforms in Tundra.
  2. On respawn, Demon Players are given Haste and deal half damage for 5 seconds (on top of their typical armored/damage reduction status effect).
  3. Removed ability for healing zones to double stack and heal more.
  4. Increased Noxious Hazard damage to from 12 dmg to 15 dmg.


  1. Adjusted flame shield VFX to be more consistent with shield hitbox.
  2. Added invulnerability during teleport animation.
  3. Reworked Fire Specialist round upgrade to cause increased damage when the caster’s projectile passes through the upgraded shield (indicated by a purple-ish colored shield & projectile).
  4. Summoner Loadout name changed to Defensive.
  5. Replaced Shield Soldier with Maykr Drone in Defensive Loadout.


  1. Increased vertical ascension speed by 50% after a short delay for the jetpack.
  2. Remove Armored from Defensive loadout and replaced with Haste.
  3. Replaced Shield Soldier with Prowler in Defensive loadout.
  4. Added 50% damage reduction during Rocket Barrage attack.
  5. Replaced Acrobat with the new Sadist round upgrade.
  6. Primary fire deals 20% more damage and fires 25% faster at or below 30% health.
  7. These rockets cause knock back and significant self-damage if detonated too close to the Revenant.
  8. Rocket Barrage should not trigger knockback.


  1. Replaced Shield Soldier with Carcass in Summoner loadout.


  1. Improved Mancubus smoke mortar concealing demon player outlines when inside the smoke.
  2. Updated Team Heal power upgrade to stack with the Bigger Bar round upgrade.
  3. Doubled health return per hit for Thieving Hand round upgrade.

BATTLEMODE Updates - Consoles Only


  1. Reduced starting cell ammo from 225 to 200 (now the same as on PC).
  2. Reduced Super Shotgun damage cap to 900 dmg against Demon Players (now the same as on PC).
  3. Increased Super Shotgun per trace damage against Marauder & Revenant (dmg still capped at 900).


  1. Reduced teleport cooldown by half a second.


  1. Added delay between smoke bomb mortar shots.
  2. Reduced cooldown on smoke bomb from 13 sec to 11 sec.
  3. Increased Flamethrower range by 25%.


  1. Increased Pain Elemental shield duration by half a second (now the same as on PC).


  1. Increased Rocket Barrage cooldown by 5 seconds (now the same as on PC).
  2. Increased Rocket Barrage cooldown with Unstable Trigger upgrade by 15 seconds (now the same as on PC).
  3. Increased self-damage taken from Rocket Barrage from 0.5x to 5x.

BATTLEMODE Updates - PC Only


  1. Increased damage reduction from demonic onslaught from 10% to 20%.

Campaign Fixes - All Platforms

DOOM Eternal: Campaign

  1. Fixed Modbot issue where the Slayer animated for the currently equipped mod, not for what was acquired, then didn’t switch to new mod.

DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods - Part Two

  1. Fixed issue where Savagery rune was not applying to Armored Baron and Chaingunner.

Dark Lord Boss Fight

  1. Fixed issue where players were not getting rewarded XP for completing the level.
  2. Fixed loot drops from a daze to now recharge the Blood Punch meter slightly when player is at full health.
  3. Fixed issues where the Dark Lord was recovering health from accidental chip damage.

General Gameplay

  1. Fixed issue on attacks where the Dreadknight smashes the ground or uses both arms to swipe were dealing more damage than intended.

BATTLEMODE Fixes - All Platforms

  1. Resolved bug in which VFX persisted when demon players were killed during Team Heal.
  2. Fixed an issue where the Slayer would use Chainsaw fuel after an unsuccessful swipe on a ledge grabbing demon AI.
  3. Fixed an issue where the Slayer’s weapons could deal damage through map geometry under specific conditions.
  4. Updated Sentinel Infused description - it no longer gives full ammo during a Chainsaw attack. This is now part the Slayer’s base kit.
  5. Fixed an issue where Demon Player vertical camera control was not unified (all characters now have 180-degree vertical camera control).
  6. Fixed an issue where Loot Blocked did not affect armor shards dropped on flame belched Demon Players.
  7. Fixed an issue where bunny hopping with the Archville was easier than expected.