Update December 5, 2019


  1. Added tooltip for modifier (status effect) for Veil of Discord: "Granting mana regeneration to allies".
  2. Added DotaPlus tooltips for the following (see lower for more):
  3. Drow Ranger multishot damage.
  4. Drow Ranger marksmanship hero proc damage.
  5. Medusa’s "Mystic Snake Mana Stolen" challenge has been reworded (stolen -> gained).
  6. Pudge: Heal x/y/z health on yourself or allied Heroes with Dismember.
  7. Treant Protector: Deal x/y/z damage to enemy Heroes with Nature’s Grasp.
  8. Lone Druid: Heal x/y/z HP from Spirit Link.
  9. Io, the Guardian Wisp: Slow enemy heroes x/y/z times with Tether.
  10. Clinkz: Gain x/y/z health from using Death Pact.



  1. Clinkz Kills during Death Pact: 4/6/8.
  2. Drow Ranger damage with multishot: 3000/7000/10000.
  3. Drow Ranger marksmanship damage: 2500/5000/7500.
  4. Lone Druid healing from spirit link: 2500/5000/7500.
  5. Treant Protector deal damage with Natures Grasp: 3000/6000/9000.

Removed (hidden)

  1. Clinkz building damage during strafe.
  2. Lone Druid damage during Battle Cry.
  3. Lone Druid kills during spirit link.
  4. Outworld Devourer damage during equilibrium (old third spell).
  5. Outworld Devourer kills during equilibrium (old third spell).
  6. Medusa from applicable "mana damage" challenge.
  7. Razor damage with unstable current.
  8. Treant Protector Natures Guise roots.


  1. Touched up spider legs particles.
  2. Fixed buyback gold overflowing.
  3. Added Kid Invoker response rules to Void Spirit and Snapfire. Seems like the files were added but not in use up until now.