Update June 14, 2019


  1. Added new Game Option: Interface Mode. Select from PC or Mobile.
  2. Fixed end of match screen not displaying buttons.
  3. Improved presentation of free units in the shop.
  4. Improved styling of the settings panel.
  5. Fixed treant health bar being too high.
  6. Made the shop combine brighter and more obvious.
  7. Made it so that when a party has 8 or more players, new members will come in as spectators.
  8. The bot difficulty button is now hidden for parties with eight players.
  9. Added a menu to the party allowing the copying of party codes, hiding or showing them, and for the party leader, enabling or disabling the party code.
  10. Fixed several misspellings.
  11. Fixing several cases of text overflowing.
  12. Fixed main menu button being hidden in party games.
  13. Fixed the countdown ropes being off by about a second.
  14. Removed the need to specify -vulkan on the command line for Linux.
  15. Updated localization for multiple languages.
  16. Added list of hotkeys to game options page, though they cannot be changed at the moment.
  17. Doom now has cosmetic upgrades for each level.
  18. Removed character outlines on PC.
  19. Play at your own pace button now remembers your previous selection.
  20. Fix DPS charts sometimes not updating or showing the wrong teams.
  21. Added a new effect for the Druid Alliance that upgrades the star rating on a Druid.