Update August 31, 2019

  1. Fixed an issue with Bloodseeker and Deadeye. Sometimes the Deadeye target is unreachable; in that case Bloodseeker will attack the next-best reachable target.
  2. Fixed an issue where Arc Warden’s clone would not equip some items in combat.
  3. Fixed an issue where Target Buddy wouldn’t get bonus health from items, just bonus max health.
  4. Fixed Target Buddy, with Big Time Contract equipped, not buffing Bloodbound units on death.
  5. Fixed Ace Effects counting benched units for activation requirements.
  6. Fixed Ace Effects not applying to summons.
  7. Fixed Barricades sometimes not blocking the damage from ranged attacks. If a unit is within 1 cell of a barricade, and the ranged attack passes through the barricade’s cell, the barricade takes the damage rather than the unit. If the attack passes through multiple barricades, the barricade whose cell center is closest to the line of attack takes the damage.
  8. Fixed a bug introduced in this update where modifiers were being removed on death even if they should not be (for example, Enchantress’s wisps were being removed on her death when they should persist).
  9. The prior patchnotes described Troll Warlord’s change in attack time rather than attack rate. The change in Attack Rate is actually 1.0 -> 0.77.