Update September 5, 2019


  1. Uncap Proto-Pass XP, up level cap to 99.
  2. 2-star and 3-star visual upgrades for Alchemist, Bloodseeker, Crystal Maiden, Sand King, and Tusk.
  3. Animation imrpovements.
  4. FX optimization and improvements.
  5. Added framerate option on mobile. Now you can select from the default (30FPS), 60FPS, and 15FPS (battery saver), as well as an option to up to 60FPS only while plugged in.
  6. When a unit in the shop can combine into a 3-star unit, the 3-star version rather than the 2-star version is shown.


  1. Melee units can now target barricades if no better targets are available.
  2. Assassin targeting and Blink Dagger targeting is now a bit more random between left and right when selecting the farthest target.


Arc Warden

  1. Tempest Double: There is now a 3 second cooldown on creating another clone whenever a clone dies.

Sand King

  1. Caustic Finale: Fixed an issue where duration was not set properly, leading to Caustic Finale doing the timer-expired rather than the on-death damage much of the time.


  1. Ravage: Now applies its damage after the stun is applied, so the Shaman Ace Effect interacts properly.


  1. Toss: Tiny can now toss Target Buddy.