Update September 19, 2019


  1. 2-star and 3-star visual upgrades for Batrider, Enigma, Slark, Sniper, and Warlock.
  2. The janitor took out some more crash trash.
  3. Fixed an issue where Terrorblade could Sunder with the wrong unit at cast time, including dead units.
  4. Can no longer enter combat preview mode on the board when in combat.



  1. Bloodrage: Now ramps up to his existing maximum attack speed bonus of 500 earlier, at 20% health (was 0%).


  1. Chain Frost: Bounce range changed to 2 (was 4).

Templar Assassin

  1. Added Meld: When first attacking after teleporting, Templar Assassin fires a projectile that does [50, 100, 150] damage on impact and decreases her target’s armor by [2, 4, 6] for 5 seconds.

Treant Protector

  1. Leech Seed: If the target of Leech Seed dies before the ability duration expires, the seed jumps to another target for its remaining duration.


  1. Walrus Punch: Tusk is now invulnerable while mid-Punch.


  1. Shadow Word: Now heals 75% of the total heal instantly, and the remaining 25% over the duration of the buff. This results in [168, 337, 675] instant heal and [56, 112, 225] over the remaining duration.
  2. Shadow Word: Damage per second changed from [50, 100, 150] to [75, 150, 300].


Deadeye Alliance

  1. Added a small health difference buffer to prevent Deadeye units constantly changing targets.



  1. Raise Zombies: Range changed from 2 cells to 1.