Update October 10, 2019


  1. Fixed an issue where units could be forced to attack untargetable units (example: Pudge hooks an undying unit).
  2. Fixed an issue where all damage done by Medusa’s Ace Effect, where all Scaled units do damage to units near them, would be credited to Medusa only.



  1. Nature’s Attendants: Fixed an issue where the wrong heal amount was displayed on the ability tooltip.

Lone Druid’s Spirit Bear

  1. Entangling Claws: Fixed an issue where Entangling Claws would never be cast.


  1. Max Mana is now 50.


Big-Time Contract

  1. Players can now get more than 1 of this item again.

Target Buddy

  1. Can no longer be healed.



  1. Changed to: When a Blood-Bound unit dies, it gives +125% Attack Damage, in addition to any existing Blood-Bound bonus it has, to a random friendly Blood-Bound unit.


  1. Changed to: Allied Savage units gain +[4, 8, 15] Attack Damage each time they land an attack on an enemy or cast a damaging spell.
  2. This affects Venomancer and Sand King, the only Savage units with damaging spells.

Update #2

  1. Fixed an issue where, once a unit’s channeling was interrupted, it could never cast at a higher power than that. This affected Keeper of the Light and Windranger. If their casts were interrupted, any later casts would be at the same power level, even if in the later casts they successfully channeled the entire channel time.
  2. Fixed the longstanding issue where more than one of the same type of Demon would still invalidate the Demon alliance.
  3. Tweaked Savage numbers to [7, 15, 25] from [4, 8, 15].