Update October 29, 2019

  1. Fixed an issue (in most cases) where some users could not start multiplayer or Proto-Pass bot games (symptom: loading to the map with no UI). There is still one rare circumstance that we are trying to track down.
  2. Fixed an issue where items couldn’t be equipped to units.
  3. Fixed Jail not updating ingame.
  4. Fixed Disruptor’s Warlock Ace Bonus only working for 4 Warlocks, not 6.
  5. Fixed Assassins being trapped in Chronocube.
  6. Fixed Legion Commander not receiving Ace bonuses.
  7. Fixed Morphling not animating.
  8. Moved the Brawny kill tracker from unit status to the alliance tooltip.
  9. Fixed Tap To Move on mobile.
  10. Fixed alliance tooltip window being too small for some alliance descriptions.
  11. Further Radeon fixes.
  12. Fixed incorrect team names on match intro screen in Duos.
  13. Added an option to disable hero icons on healthbars.
  14. Underlord ability tooltips now show cooldowns.
  15. Added back the preview (board flip) button.
  16. Misc UI fixes.