Update December 2, 2019


  1. Completely redesigned the UI flow when pressing the Play button from the dashboard. There’s now a new page for selecting the type of match you want to play and what options you want. We’re loving it, and we hope you do too!
  2. Added more audio cues in Knockout mode when you lose a heart or a player is knocked out.
  3. Fixed an issue where item images could fail to appear in the Rulebook.
  4. Fixed an issue with the shop button’s location overlapping Reroll on some aspect ratios.
  5. Fixed Show Scoreboard button on all layouts and aspect ratios.


Void Spirit

  1. Dissimilate: Fixed a bug where the damage dealt was done as Physical. It should be Magical.
  2. Dissimilate: Display damage type on the ability description window.

Update #2


  1. We let the Brutes debuff some crashes.
  2. Fix numbers not showing on global item tooltips on the in-game scoreboard.



  1. Ace Effect: Instead of increasing number of links per Alliance level, the duration of the link is now increased by 1 second per Alliance level.



  1. Changed damage debuff from [30, 70] to [30, 60].
  2. Changed debuff duration from 3 to 4.