Update December 12, 2019

  1. Fixed the most common crash on Android.
  2. Added a Play Again option to the Post Match page.
  3. Fixed another issue with item dragging.
  4. Fixed an issue on the in-game leaderboard where names in some languages were getting clipped.
  5. Fixed Snapfire health bar icon in combat.
  6. Fixed Alliance popup dialogs getting stuck in the Rulebook on mobile.
  7. Fixed damage bars not taking up the whole width of the battle stats window.
  8. Fixed an issue where the order of unit alliance icons in the shop didn’t match the board alliance icon order right underneath them.
  9. Fixed issue with missing rank up icons on the rank up popup.
  10. When changing language in settings, show a popup reminding you to restart the app.
  11. After a hero has died do not allow selecting their cell to select the dead unit on the cell.