Update February 28, 2020


  1. Fixed Battle Pass purchase issues.
  2. Improved client purchase flow, including adding a warning when not signed into Steam.
  3. Fixed new default map not being loaded.
  4. Working on out-of-memory crash issues on 2GB iOS devices. These should be much more stable than they were.
  5. Destroyed a crash involving particle destruction.
  6. Performance improvements on low-end devices.
  7. Fixed issues with the Reward popup dialogs.
  8. Fixed XP rewards from City Crawl not showing properly in the reward popup or animating properly on the bar.
  9. Fixed an issue with daily challenges using Protopass values.
  10. Fixed Jull’s Tier 5 Units challenge.
  11. Fixed an issue where Spectate could show up on the Post-Match screen of a bot game.
  12. Fixed an issue where private matches could not be started if a saved game existed already in that mode.
  13. Numerous other small sound, skin, and UI improvements.


  1. Summons give 1/4 kill credit for items like Stonehall Cloak and Stonehall pike as well as for Brawny kills.



  1. Armor changed from 10 to 5.


Mango Tree

  1. Can no longer equip items.

Stonehall Pike

  1. Damage per kill changed from 3 to 4.



  1. Bonus Attack Damage per Attack changed from [6, 8, 10] to [5, 6, 10].