Update July 2, 2020


  1. Fixed an issue with Early Bird display of Board Spray rewards.
  2. Fixed an issue with Io’s 3 Star Effect sometimes triggering when it shouldn’t.
  3. Fixed some 3 Star Effects being purgeable when they shouldn’t be.
  4. Fixed a longstanding interaction issue between Aegis and Io’s Relocate which could lead to two revived copies of a Hero existing at once. Now Io will only consider selecting an Aegis-carrying Hero for Relocate if that Hero has already died its second time (i.e. been revived by Aegis and killed again).
  5. Fixed Axe’s Counter-Helix killing Spiderlings even when they are invulnerable due to Broodmother’s 3 Star Effect.



  1. 3 Star Effect: Abaddon gains the ability to apply the Curse of Avernus to enemies he attacks. Once Abaddon has attacked the same enemy unit 3 times in a row that unit becomes silenced for 2 seconds and Abaddon gains +30 Attack Speed against it. The bonus is lost if Abaddon changes targets.

Arc Warden

  1. Tempest Double: 3 Star Effect: Clones now clone items.

Drow Ranger

  1. 3 Star Effect: Drow Ranger’s arrows become Frost Arrows. These arrows slow a hit unit’s movement by 50% and its Attack Speed by 20. The effect lingers for 2 seconds.