Update May 27, 2020


  1. Added the marijuana growing mechanics. From now on you will be able to grow your own plants. The mechanic is being unlocked after reaching level 15 or after loading a game where you already have level 15 or higher.
  2. New salesman selling marijuana seeds for both outdoor and indoor production.
  3. New hideout equipment for marijuana production available in the furniture store after unlocking the new mechanics.
  4. Added refillable bottles of water that can be bought on the gas station.
  5. Added new music to the game a new Two Towers song as well as several new tracks for the surroundings.
  6. Added Japanese localization to the game.


  1. Fixed a bug where in a DEA raid not all of the equipment or furniture were purged from the apartment with random unpredictable results.
  2. Fixed a bug where Keiji gang deliveries were marked on the middle of the map. We managed to create a retro-active script that finds the issue, removes invalid dead drop data and reconstructs the task for a valid dead drop. The script works on load. Managed to test in out on a saved game delivered from the community.
  3. Fixed a bug where rented hideout map markers where getting duplicated. In some cases, this may have caused performance issues.
  4. Fixed an issue where the policemen or police dogs could get blocked in a downtown passage below a building.
  5. Fixed a bug where some of the wall or ceiling objects could be placed in odd spots and glitching windows.
  6. Fixed a bug where some shelves could be stored without removing products off them.
  7. Fixed a bug with bad asia area unlock status not being displayed on the world map.
  8. Fixed a bug where the Domination task (unlock all areas and hideouts) did not get checked. For saved games the task will get checked around 15 seconds after the saved game is loaded if the criteria are met.
  9. Fixed few additional issues caused by duplicating object instances causing increased save game size and load times, performance drops etc. The fix is applied on load, so first time loading may still take time, but re-saving the game after will make the saved game get back to normal.
  10. Fixed a bug where the police could sometimes walk without rotating their direction.
  11. Fixed a bug where sometimes when quickly storing a freshly placed furniture could make it data to corrupt.


  1. Fixed some of the paths where policemen or police dogs could get blocked by customers.
  2. Fixed minor map pathways and blockers.
  3. Fixed a few spots where NPC’s could get glitched.


  1. Optimized lighting and shadow casting settings both for all dynamic and static world objects highly improving performance both for day and night.
  2. Improved map configuration, draw distance settings and more to reduce draw calls.
  3. Improved on CPU usage issue removing CPU overheat problems.
  4. Optimized code side operations and limited their count.
  5. Removed instance duplication errors, that could end up with performance drops and lags.