Update February 23, 2021

Dungeon & Battle

  1. The Anvil/Blacksmith enhancement system has been slightly changed.
  2. Anvil and Blacksmith upgrades are now considered separate upgrades. In other words, even items that have been upgraded once as a blacksmith can be upgraded separately from the anvil.
  3. Upgrade of the same type is limited to once. Items once used by the Blacksmith cannot be entrusted to the Blacksmith again. (The anvil is the same.).
  4. Blacksmith’s item performance enhancement value is +10%.
  5. Blocking or evading Ice/Fire Bats’ attack no longer take DOT effects.
  6. The mark of Lotus is not left behind after the boss is defeated.
  7. All existing bullets in the room will be deleted at the start of the boss battle.
  8. Fixed several rooms where rewards could not be obtained.


  1. Fixed an issue that Witch Sword Livna’s fragment attack is triggered by attacks from other weapons.
  2. Fixed an issue where all attack speeds were reduced when equipped with a Magical Magnifying Glass, even if only one of the main weapons and secondary weapons were ranged weapons.
  3. Fixed an issue where the Camping Hatchet’s ranged attacks were not considered as direct attacks.
  4. Fixed an issue where the skill of Lu Bu’s Spear could not block physical ranged attacks.
  5. Mondria has been changed to allow reloading even when the bullet is full when using the infinite magazine option.
  6. Fixed some camera animation errors.


  1. Fixed an issue where tiles in the village graveyard were not visible properly.


  1. Fixed a bug where the players are forced to return to the village when the dog falls down during the player 1’s Minotaur Stake resurrection.
  2. Fixed a bug where the dog would become intermittently invincible after Kaminela.