Update August 6, 2021


  1. Fixed the condition for unlocking the Focus Ability to better match the building’s description.
  2. Fixed an issue that taking no damage while standing still on spikes.
  3. When using teleport in the dungeon, the room will be selected instead of the teleporter’s icon.
  4. Fixed an issue where health could not be regenerated when the current health was 1 less than the maximum health under certain circumstances.
  5. Dodging enemy attacks no longer causes status effects.
  6. Fixed an issue that caused the recovery gauge to appear when dodging an enemy attack while using the Bloodlush Ability.
  7. Fixed an issue that the game doesn’t work when using the anvil under certain circumstances.


  1. Indulgence of the Devil: The minion imp no longer has physical collision rolls.


  1. Fixed the issue where the image was not displayed properly when entering The Lunar Desert under certain circumstances.
  2. Letterboxes will be visible at resolution ratios greater than 16:9.
  3. Fixed an issue that caused the screen to freeze when exiting the window from the credits screen while using windowed mode.
  4. Fixed an issue that allowed you to select options that were not available when using a controller.
  5. Fixed some unusual or misspelled translations.