Update April 28, 2022

New Contents


New Cyox unlock elements

  1. Lowered the number of mysterious stones required to unlock items and functions.
  2. Added items that can be unlocked through Siox.

New unlockable features

  1. Added 2 special functions that can be unlocked through Siox.

New buildings

  1. Yulford’s Workshop: Can be built after losing 1 dungeon. Basic weapon unlocked.
  2. Arsha’s Rocking Chair: Can be built after killing Caminella 3 times. Boss Rush unlocked.


  1. Added 6 food.
  2. Added 1 random event.
  3. Added Emergency Escape feature that triggers when you get stuck in a tile.
  4. Added item tooltip when selecting an item in the dungeon.

Add ’save and quit’ function

  1. You can save it by using the bonfire at the exit of the floor.
  2. When you restart the game after saving, you will start on the next floor.


  1. Added 12 items.
  2. Added skill to some items.

Changes & Improvements


  1. You attract nearby gold and mystical stones.
  2. Shock status effect: renders enemy’s defense useless -> Continuous damage to enemies, additional damage when attacking.
  3. Cemetery (backer’s area): Modified to allow entry after completing dungeon once.


  1. Ghost, Chain Demon: improved visibility while attacking.
  2. Big Bat: Fixed an issue where it would not attack after being stunned under certain circumstances.
  3. Frost Skeleton Magician: increased attack delay, modified to allow ice attack targeting.
  4. Ovibos: Increases HP and adds delay before attack.
  5. Elite Frost Skeletontone: Changed the accuracy of ranged attacks.
  6. LizardMan: If the Lizardman’s HP is lowered, the Lizardman will be in an angry state.
  7. Evil Fanatic Assassin: Fixed game not progressing when stunned.


  1. Bosses no longer reuse the last used pattern.
  2. Belial: Fixed an issue where certain patterns would not attack the edges of the screen.
  3. Niflheim: Changed ice pillars to be invulnerable in certain patterns.
  4. Envyrok: Improved the visibility of demon summoning patterns.
  5. Lasley: Improved visibility of specular patterns.
  6. Tunak: Changes to a pattern other than the existing pattern.


  1. Trap: Moved traps have been changed to stop working when all monsters are killed.
  2. Trials: Added a fairy in the middle of each trial.
  3. Tiles: Changed the background tile color of the forest dungeon.
  4. Some rooms have been modified and added.
  5. Anvil Blacksmith: Added/changed some options.
  6. Anvil: Changed to be able to select one of three random options when enhancing.

Items, costumes

  1. KONY MEX-5R: Fixed the attack range of the skill.
  2. Magnet: Adjusted the range of gold pulling. (10M→100M).
  3. Speed ​​Reloader: Improved to work well with single-shot reloadable weapons.
  4. Dash Shield: Changed rarity (Legendary → Rare).
  5. Beast Marks Sword ’Hou’: Changed from ranged attack to melee attack.
  6. Tonfa: Attack range, attack power, effects have been changed, and knockback and movement effects have been removed.
  7. N134 Minigun: Fixed issues with certain actions during attack.
  8. Blood of Sorbeo: Fixed an issue that worked on objects.
  9. Arzuna: Fixed an issue where the ’Magical Magnifying Glass’ effect was not applied.
  10. Aldrin’s Second Scythe: Fixed an issue where certain monsters were not being drawn to the skill ’Soul Grab’.
  11. Crew Gun: Fixed an issue where attack speed was not affected.
  12. KAAEN - Auto Reloader: Fixed off-handed weapon not reloading.
  13. Corrected some spelling effects such as item description effects.
  14. Modify or change some other items.

Change options: ’King of Pickaxes’ costume

  1. (Before) Dash attack power +33%, +1 number of dashes, -25 critical.
  2. (Change) Dash: When dash attack is successful, dash recovery speed is added. You will no longer be able to wear #Wing items.


  1. Changed game play time to count normally.
  2. Fixed the issue where the guide text was displayed only in English when changing the control key.
  3. Added an option to jump down only with the down key.
  4. Added skill cooldown bonus and duration of status effect items to the status window.
  5. Changed the status window to show the stats of the food you ate.
  6. Fixed an issue where all desserts you ate in the Status window were only displayed as Strawberry Crepe.